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Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

Kindergarten through 2nd grade is a time of rapid growth. Children strengthen basic skills and progress to higher-level thinking in literacy, math, science and social studies. As they become more aware of the world around them, they build empathy, compassion and understanding for others. They read to learn and understand the world, and write to express ideas and opinions. Preparing for algebra and beyond, they learn to apply more complex math skills. 



English Language Arts

English Language Arts

English Language Arts

Children learn to identify and sound out letters and words. Retelling stories helps children learn to communicate clearly, and build active listening skills. Writing skills progress from letters to simple phonetic spellings.




Children build basic number, addition and subtraction skills. Teachers introduce place value. They explore measurement and data collection, learning to compare and explain results. Building greater geometry awareness, they prepare for more complex problem-solving. Teachers use Math Expressions © to support instruction.




Using the scientific method, children learn to use their senses to observe the world around them. They explore topics in Earth science, biology and physics. Building a foundation in Earth Science, they learn about the Earth’s features and weather. Studying the life cycles of animals, they identify traits and habitats. Students study the properties of objects, motion, matter and energy. Building on basic science concepts, children build a foundation to tackle more complex systems.

Social Studies

Social Studies

Social Studies

Children study society, emphasizing the values of American democracy and responsibilities of citizenship. Learning about the larger world, children explore geography, economics and human systems. Applying this knowledge, students learn to analyze issues and engage as thoughtful citizens.




Children study art, music, physical education and technology.

We're More than Academics

We believe that strong hearts and minds impact the world in amazing ways. For this reason, we teach moral focus in every lesson. They are so meaningful to us that we celebrate them every day as a community, with songs, skits and performances. We practice each virtue daily through:

  • Social contracts where we pledge to support and encourage each other.

  • Our CHAMPS classroom management system where children learn social responsibility.

  • Community outreach through our Community Service Club..

NHA Parent

The moral focus curriculum is awesome! My kids are learning things that we are trying to teach them at home. It’s being reinforced here at school in fun and creative ways.

Monthly Virtues

Perseverance Badge


Working through challenges to find success

Respect Badge


Treating others as you want to be treated

Compassion Badge


Helping each other through good and bad

Integrity Badge


Being honest, fair and trustworthy

Wisdom Badge


Making the right and just choices

Courage Badge


Standing up for what is good and right

Self-control badge


Managing your impulses to achieve bigger goals

Encouragement badge


Supporting each other to be our best

Gratitude Badge


Appreciating what you have and passing it forward

Preparar a su hijo para una vida de éxito

Vea lo que sucede cuando el trabajo arduo, la responsabilidad personal y una comunidad escolar enriquecedora se combinan para crear una experiencia excepcional. Fundada en la excelencia académica, el enfoque moral, la asociación de padres y la responsabilidad del estudiante, Achieve Charter Academy es una escuela sin igual, una que puede llevar a su hijo a una vida de éxito.

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