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Get Ready For Kindergarten

Getting ready to start school is a big step on your child's learning journey. It's a time filled with excitement, and maybe a little nervousness, for both parents and kids. Here at National Heritage Academies, we know how important this transition is, and we're here to help you get ready. On this page we've included useful tips, resources, and information to make sure your child has a great start to school.

Kindergarten Readiness

“Kindergarten readiness” is a term educators use to describe the skills a child should have to help them smoothly transition into their school career. If you're wondering if your child is ready to start, we've put together a list of things your child should know before heading off to school. Your child has probably learned many of these things through simple development.


Kindergarten Readiness Checklist

Social/Emotional Milestones:
  • Follows rules and takes turns when playing with other children
Language & Communication Milestones:
  • Keeps a conversation going with more than three back-and-forth exchanges
Cognitive Milestones:
  • Recognizes their name in print and can write some letters in their name
  • Names some letters when you point to them
  • Can recognize simple rhyming words
Movement & Physical Milestones:
  • Completes basic hygiene independently
  • Uses a pair of scissors to cut
Math Milestones:
  • Can count from 1-10
  • Can point to and count five objects, counting each object once
  • Can see a small collection of items, three or less, and recognize the amount without counting
  • Recognizes and names simple shapes: circle, square, triangle, star
  • Can sort objects into categories based on color, shape, and/or size
Use our kindergarten calculator to determine when your child will be ready for kindergarten.

When Can My Child Start School?

If you're wondering when your child can start school, you're not alone! Every state has its own minimum age requirements, and they vary.

NHA operates schools with Kindergarten programs across nine states. Use our kindergarten calculator to help determine when your child can start at an NHA school.
Kindergarten Calculator

How to Apply

Are you ready to apply for your Kindergarten student? Learn more about Open Enrollment and our free application process.

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