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Founded by a dad, with families in mind

After the birth of his son, J.C. Huizenga began to think about education from a parent's perspective. He believed every child should have the opportunity to receive a great education and schools should be held accountable to produce results. This led Mr. Huizenga to open his first National Heritage Academies school in 1995 - Excel Charter Academy - and his belief continues to drive our mission forward today.

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Our Schools

National Heritage Academies (NHA) is a charter school management company that operates 90+ schools across nine states serving over 60,000 students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. PrepNet Virtual Academy provides an online school experience for students in grades K-12.

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Meet Our Leadership

The strength of any organization is its people. And at National Heritage Academies, we have the very best. They're passionate about education and investing in your child.
Brian Britton

Brian Britton

Chief Executive Officer

Bob Owen

Bob Owen

Chief Financial Officer

Nick Sheltrown, PhD

Nick Sheltrown, PhD

Chief Learning Officer

Tari Reinink

Tari Reinink

Chief Marketing Officer

Thea Reigler

Thea Reigler

Chief People Officer

Nick Paradiso

Nick Paradiso

Chief Business Development Officer

Eric Spangler

Eric Spangler

Chief Technology Officer

Jason  Pater

Jason Pater

VP Real Estate, Facilities, and Construction

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Charter Schools

Perhaps you've heard the term "charter school" but may not have been entirely sure what it means. You're not alone. By its simplest definition, a charter school is a tuition-free public school that offers parents a choice. National Heritage Academies is a network of charter schools under the management of a single company.

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Our Governing Principles

National Heritage Academies was founded on a set of principles—core values that reflect the high personal and educational standards we hold ourselves to. Every day:

Take ownership for the success of our students

Our number one focus is our students and we take responsibility for their success.

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Do the right thing always

We act with integrity and honesty to make the right choices and follow through on our commitments.


Behave with care

We respect and support our families and each other.

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Make our schools the best choice for parents and students

Our schools have the highest standards for academic and behavior resulting in an environment where students can succeed.


Act with discipline to sustain our academic success and financial viability

Every financial and academic choice is designed to put children's needs first.