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Our Approach

We provide students a rigorous college-prep education and a strong moral focus program. Our goal is for students to develop the knowledge, skills, and moral strength they need to succeed in college, work, and life.

Experience the NHA Difference

Students participating in class

We Reach Higher

We focus on every child’s unique needs, abilities, and interests. We set high standards, make expectations clear, personalize teaching, and as a result, our students thrive.

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We Build Character

We make moral focus part of every school day. Virtues such as respect, perseverance, and compassion are essential to what kids need to succeed. Students learn the importance of making good decisions and doing the right thing in life.

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We Expect More

Our students are taught how to make wise choices, consider consequences, and take responsibility for their actions. Our “no excuses” approach helps kids learn at a young age that strong character is developed through personal responsibility.

Teacher greeting student and parent

We Work Together

Our teachers make a point of being available to discuss your child’s progress. When parents, teachers, and students work together, they form a powerful connection between home and school – a partnership that can change a child’s life.

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When Can My Child Start Kindergarten?

If you're wondering when your child can start kindergarten, you're not alone! Every state has its own age requirements for starting kindergarten, and they vary.

NHA operates schools with kindergarten programs across nine states. Use our kindergarten calculator to help determine when your child can start kindergarten at an NHA school.
Kindergarten Calculator

What We Teach

Young 5s
What We Teach

Young 5s Kindergarten is designed to help young learners adjust to the social and academic demands of school in a fun, hands-on environment. Teachers help Young 5s students develop social, motor, and academic skills necessary to prosper in kindergarten.

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade
What We Teach

Students learn to read, write, and spell. They also learn basic math including counting, addition, subtraction, basic geometry, and problem solving. Students are also introduced to social studies, science, history, and places in the world around them. The bar is set high because these early years are the most important for preparing students to excel in the years ahead.

3rd - 5th Grade
What We Teach

Learning to read becomes reading to learn. Students develop reading comprehension skills, as well as compose, edit, and publish writing. Students learn multiplication, division, and fractions and are prepared for algebra and beyond. Science focuses on plants, animals, earth science, space, the human body, and healthful living. Social studies explore ancient American history, state studies, economics, and geography.

6th - 8th Grade
What We Teach

During the middle school years, we ensure students are well prepared for high school. English language arts concentrate on in-depth reading comprehension, discussion, research, and writing. Math centers on reasoning and algebra. Science focuses on energy, motion, forms of matter, objects in space, technology, and more. Social studies explore regions of the world, civics, economics, American history, and government. The bar is set high, because success in high school is essential for success in college.

9th - 12th Grade
What We Teach

We prepare students for college and beyond. You’ll see this in our advanced curriculum and classrooms where enthusiastic teachers help students reason through and overcome any obstacle. Our goal is to develop students who can work through life’s toughest problems and come out ahead.

child raising her hand

Advanced learning at the ready, when your child is more than ready.

We’re proud to introduce Excel-erate, our new advanced learning program. For the student ready to accelerate beyond grade level, Excel-erate provides the resources and instruction they need.


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What We Offer

In addition to a rich and challenging curriculum and strong academic support, National Heritage Academies offers the following:
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Moral Focus

Students develop the qualities that lead to success in school, at home, and as a member of society. They learn hard work and good character are essential components in all aspects of life.


Art, Music, and More

Every NHA school offers art, music, technology, electives, clubs, sports, and more. Visit a school near you and see what we have to offer.


AP Programs

Our high school grades offer over 20 AP programs, similar to college courses, that allow students to earn college credit through dual enrollment.

Success Coaching

Every high school student is assigned an academic success coach to help them navigate their educational journey all the way to graduation.

Graduation Cap

College Prep

College prep starts on day one. We instill college-preparedness skills in the ways that we train students to think, communicate, and problem-solve.

Early College Program

Our Early College Program is a five-year educational plan that allows your student to complete high school in three years and go on to earn an associate degree or certificate – tuition-free.

Our Amazing Teachers

Great teachers are at the heart of student success.
Our dedicated teachers:

Build strong relationships with students & parents

Personalize instruction to meet every child's needs and strengths

Set high expectations and ensure all students succeed

Continue to grow through professional development

What Our Students Are Saying

"I feel like I will be successful and now make it to college, thanks to this school."
- An NHA Student

Students graduating

Early Middle College Program

Our Early Middle College Program allows students to earn a high school diploma and an associate degree or certificate for FREE.

While some high schools may offer early middle college programs, oftentimes they are limited to a single professional track or certification. We've designed a program which offers multiple pathways for students.



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We have 100+ schools in 9 states. Find schools by zip code OR by state to learn more about us or schedule a tour!


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