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What to Expect when you Apply to an NHA School

Lyndsay Olsen  |  June 24, 2021
I’m a Talent Acquisition Consultant at National Heritage Academies (NHA), a Michigan-based charter school management company that operates 98 schools in nine states, serving over 60,000 students in kindergarten through 12th grade.

Applying to a new job can be a stressful time for many people, so I want to walk you through what you should expect when you apply for a teaching position at NHA.  

First, you may wonder what a charter school is – great question! A charter school is a tuition-free public school that offers parents a choice. At NHA, we are a network of charter schools that operate under the management of a single organization.

Here are some things to know when you apply for a teaching position at NHA:
  1. Who are Sourcing Talent Acquisition Consultants (TAC)?
Sourcing TACs look at resumes, set up phone calls with candidates to talk about NHA, vet candidates, go over your resume and licensing/credentials, and sends candidates to a School TAC for the rest of the process. A Sourcing TAC may reach out to you on LinkedIn or Indeed, but they’re also the first ones to see your resume if you apply directly through us. Think of them as the first step in a candidate’s journey with us. Got questions about how to create a stand-out resume and cover letter? Here are some helpful tips to help you out.
  1. What about School Talent Acquisition Consultants (TAC)?
School TACs are the face of the TAC team for principals. They take on the interview process, schedule interviews, and work through hiring decisions. A School TAC is likely the second person you’d talk to when applying to NHA.
  1. What does the interview process look like?
Interviews can be stressful for people, so we try to take a lot of the guessing out of it. Our School TACs prepare candidates for interviews by calling to chat through logistics, like how many people to expect to be interviewed by, where to park, how to enter the building with our security systems, who to ask for when you get there, and anything else that might cause anxiety before an interview. Here are 7 more tips for preparing for your interview.
  1. What’s after the interview?
The School TAC will call you within a couple days of your interview to ask how the interview went, give feedback, go through offer timelines, and maybe even present you with an offer!
  1. Is there anything else I should know?
One of the great things about teaching at an NHA school is the dean model, which includes three to four deans per school. In our K-8 schools, we have a lower elementary (K-2), upper elementary (3-5), and middle school (6-8) dean that oversee teachers in those wings. This provides teachers with grade-specific support and someone to help you grow and develop as an educator.

Employees have weekly one-on-one meetings with their leaders, which is a time for you to get support. This is especially helpful for first-year teachers because it strengthens their support system. A strong support system can make all the difference. These meetings help build confidence as a new teacher and helps you play to strengths and also grow in areas you want to develop.

We have many professional development opportunities, and even ones to help you grow into leadership if that is something you’re interested in. For example, Dean Prep Academy is a program that helps teachers learn more about and prepare to be a dean. Then there is Principal Prep Academy for high-performing deans who may be interested in becoming a principal.

If you’re interested in working at an NHA school, view our open positions here.

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