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Make Your Own Superhero Costume

Amber Brandt  |  April 26, 2021
Every kid likes to play dress up, so why not make a superhero costume at home? You can help your child replicate their favorite character’s costume or create a brand new one that’s all their own – with special powers and a unique name!
Depending on how snazzy you wish to go, you may have everything you need already lying around the house. We’ll help you get those creative spidey senses tingling with a list of the basic elements. To create the look, you’ll need:
  1. Spandex clothing. All superhero costumes fit snuggly, so you’ll need at least a Spandex shirt, pants, or full-body suit. Long sleeves are best as most superheroes cover their skin to hide their identity and avoid recognition. Try to choose just one or two colors to establish the foundation for the theme of the costume.
  2. Mask. This is the most important part of the disguise. A mask can cover the entire head or face – but the simplest ones fit like a pair of glasses across the eyes and top half of the face. You can craft a mask from felt, construction paper, or even tin foil for a flashy look. Here are some templates.
  3. Cape. No superhero would be caught without a cape! Any piece of rectangular fabric works (including an old sheet or towel), felt from the craft store, or even an old long-sleeve shirt. You can attach the fabric to the shoulders of your child’s shirt or tie it loosely around their neck. Try cutting out a large capital letter or shape that characterizes their superhero name and stitch or hot glue it onto the cape. You can also decorate the cape with embellishments.
  4. Tall boots or socks. Most superheroes have their unitards tucked snuggly into a pair of tall boots. You can accomplish this look with an actual pair of boots, or tall socks and a pair of running shoes. Superheroes have to stay safe and limber while they’re fighting crime!
  5. Accessories. Depending on the theme of your child’s costume, they may need a special fake weapon, shield, or wrist cuffs. Take your cues from them! Don’t forget to search Pinterest for a pile of amazing and creative ideas. Do you have a Cricut? Take a look at how one mom dazzled with hers.
Looking to create a superhero that’s a little more digital? Here is a website where you can design your own avatar defender: Heroized.