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Ten Simple Crafts to Boost Summer Creativity

Amber Brandt  |  June 15, 2015

Remember the endless summer days you spent playing outside as a child? Technology had yet to advance much past the Nintendo, and if you were one of the lucky kids who actually had a gaming system, your mother was most definitely not going to let you sit in front of it all afternoon! While she may not have known it at the time, your mom was doing your brain a huge favor. Research shows that playing video games or watching TV all day can actually lead to learning loss, but fresh air and stimulating activities like games, arts and crafts, and exercise contribute to better overall health and happiness - your child’s and yours! To help you kick off a summer of learning, fun, and sanity, we’ve compiled a short list of easy craft projects your kids will love. Plus, most of the supplies you either have on-hand or can be picked up at your local dollar store! Win-win.

  1. Have sponges and dental floss sitting around? Make these fun sponge balls. They’ll be the life of your child’s backyard water party!
  2. Never underestimate the power of paper. Click here for a quick tutorial on making a paper boat to please your little pirate.
  3. Add some color to your garden with a painted-rock caterpillar. Simple, easy, and fun - just paint, rocks, and pipe cleaners.
  4. Raid your recycling bin or desk drawer to make an eye-catching wind chime. Click here for eight super cute ideas. (Who knew pencils could be so adorable?!)
  5. How about some salt painting on the back deck? Quick clean up of simple supplies you’re sure to have in the cupboard.
  6. Enjoy bird watching? Enlist the kids to help you create a feeder of your own. Click here for 32 easy bird feeders you’ll enjoy all summer long.
  7. Fairy gardens have become very popular, but supplies from the craft store can add up quickly. Instead, take a walk around the neighborhood and collect items from nature that can be connected simply with glue or twine. Or check out this tutorial to create a fairy garden for less than $20.
  8. Don’t forget this trusty standby - paper plate butterflies!
  9. Have a box of Jell-O or Kool-Aid in the pantry? Why not turn it into scratch-n-sniff paint?
  10. For a fun "whole family" challenge - make your own kite! This fantastic DIY tutorialwill help you convert just three simple supplies into a kite that would impress Mary Poppins - then send it soaring!

This is the first article in our Summer Learning Series. Watch for more articles throughout the summer.