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Enjoy a Backyard Movie Night

Amber Brandt  |  June 22, 2020

We’ve all spent a ton of time at home lately – and cabin fever is real! But even if you’ve gotten outside for hiking, picnics, or basic errands, your family is probably due for some fun.

Why not explore a fun summer evening together in your backyard? Experts say that simply transporting an activity you enjoy – like watching a movie – into a new space can help to change up a stale routine. So, here are our tips for a fun family movie night outdoors:

  • Secure a screen. The ultimate budget hack is a simple white sheet tied to a fence or tacked up on the side of your house. There are also some pretty inexpensive options available online here or here that are easy to set up. Parents magazine also has a handy DIY version using items you probably have in the garage.
  • Fire up the projector. One quick search on Amazon produces a list of projectors ranging in price from $30 up into the thousands. The key is making sure you purchase something that’s Bluetooth compatible if you wish to utilize a streaming service for your video. And if you’re feeling brave, you can also try this tutorial for making your own projector with an iPhone and a shoebox.
  • Blankets, pillows, rugs, or lawn chairs. Since you’ll be setting up the movie for small children and adults alike, make sure you have the screen placed high enough to give everyone an ideal vantage point – then pile on the comfort and snuggles.
  • Snacks. It goes without saying that everyone loves popcorn and candy at the movies. Make sure you stock up on nibbles everyone enjoys. You could even turn a backyard BBQ on the grill into movie time while you’re waiting for it to get dark.
  • Extra fun. Make the evening especially memorable by adding glow sticks, tiki torches, twinkle lights, or lanterns to create the mood. And don’t forget bug spray or citronella to keep the evening swat-free.