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Four NHA Eighth-Grade Students Awarded $5,000 CollegeBound Scholarships in Surprise Celebrations

NHA Communications Team  |  June 11, 2020
To mark the end of what turned out to be an untraditional school year, four students from across the country are sharing in the same joy after each being named a 2020 CollegeBound™ Scholarship recipient.
The four eighth-grade students, attending four different National Heritage Academies (NHA) schools from Michigan and North Carolina, were selected out of hundreds of applicants to receive the organization’s annual CollegeBound™ Scholarship, a one-time $5,000 scholarship to go towards their college education.
This year’s winning students are: “It is my pleasure to recognize each of these outstanding students as recipients of the 2020 CollegeBoundTM Scholarship,” said NHA CEO Brian Britton. “Each winner is an excellent example of what we hope all NHA students may achieve. With strong academics, commendable character, and a passion for giving back to their communities, I wish them all the best of luck in their upcoming ventures.”

This year’s celebrations included socially-distanced drive-by parades, announcing the news and providing a giant three-foot check to each student. Several schools also shared the news at an honorary recognition during virtual eighth-grade graduation ceremonies with a special video from the CollegeBound™ Scholarship Committee.  

Wingate lit up as he was honored with a surprise drive-by parade as teachers and school leaders gathered at the school to caravan to his house to announce the exciting news. This celebration was in addition to Peak’s virtual graduation celebration where the news was also announced with the rest of the students.
“Spencer is intellectual, inquisitive, and caring. He is a hard worker and rises to the challenge,” said Marva Pittman, dean of middle school at Peak. “Spencer is very friendly and respectful to adults and to his peers. He has great leadership skills and uses those to impact his school positively. He always has a smiling face, even when he is feeling down. We are certainly going to miss Spencer; he has been a great Peak Pirate!”
Queen’s Grant announced their news with a surprise visit to the scholar’s house, delivering the big check and playing the celebratory announcement video. Byrd was elated to find out he was named a CollegeBoundTM Scholarship recipient as his family and teachers gathered to share the exciting news.
“Anthony is a polite and respectful young man who speaks well with his peers and adults,” shared Philip Adam, middle school dean at Queen’s Grant. “He appreciates people, Moral Focus virtues, and other aspects of life that are not always seen in a middle school student. This appreciation is seen in his actions and choices on a daily basis.”
A huge smile spread across the face of Brown as he was surprised by a special visit from teachers and leaders from his school, announcing that he has been named a scholarship recipient. His news also was announced during the school’s virtual graduation ceremony.
“I know Kenyae to be a young man of strong moral character who treats others with courtesy and respect,” said Dr. Michael Maclin, principal at River City Scholars Charter Academy.
“He has an ability to communicate easily and effectively and establish a definite rapport with classmates. However most important, Kenyae is cut from good cloth, which allows him to navigate through life’s challenges.”
Pedroza was thrilled to be honored with a surprise drive-by celebratory parade as Principal Mona Boersma lead the way for teachers from her school and other school leaders to drive to Pedroza’s house to announce that she has been named a 2020 recipient. Boersma beamed with pride as she presented the check.
“Alondra is not only a hard-working student, but she is also a kind and caring young adult,” said Boersma. “She is a supportive friend and role model to her fellow Wildcats. I am very proud of her and happy that she is being recognized.”
Students from 89 NHA schools applied for the scholarship. To be considered, academic performance, community involvement, and a written essay are taken into account by an independent professional selection group, which selects the final winners.
Each applicant was required to write an essay on one of four topics related to the school’s Moral Focus curriculum, which teaches students to be well-rounded individuals by highlighting monthly virtues such as gratitude and encouragement.
The majority of CollegeBoundTM Scholarship funds come directly from NHA employee donations. Many NHA employees see the scholarship fund as an opportunity to further support students and help them on the path toward college.
Congratulations to all of the 2020 CollegeBoundTM Scholarship winners!