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Three Generations Experience National Heritage Academies Education

NHA Communications Team  |  February 26, 2021
For Christy Spurrier, being part of the National Heritage Academies (NHA) network of schools runs in the family. Twenty years ago NHA was in search of a new principal at Chandler Woods Charter Academy, and Spurrier fit the bill. Two years later, she was offered the opportunity to open Queen’s Grant Community School, another NHA school in North Carolina.

Fast forward to today, Spurrier serves as the principal at Matthews Charter Academy and her daughters have followed in her educator-footsteps. Daughters, Jillian Fairfax and Jenna Morrin, completed their K-8 educational journey at NHA schools and are now both teachers at Queen’s Grant, and Spurrier’s granddaughter is currently in second grade at Queen’s Grant.

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“As a family, we are able to relate when we talk about work because we know what is happening within our schools,” said Fairfax. “It has definitely pulled us closer together as a family!”

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In Spurrier’s eyes, the Moral Focus virtues are what sets NHA apart. “That is what I wanted for my kids, and it’s what our society needs. These values are woven throughout the course of the day, and from the beginning, I believed in what NHA set out to do. We offer a choice in public education.”

Morrin values the tight-knit community that is found at NHA. In fact, her kindergarten teacher is now her mentor and her first-grade teacher is now her boss. “I hope I can pass on the passion of teaching to some of my students one day just like they did to me,” she said.

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She shared how fun it is to run into her sister and niece during the school day. “My mom and sister are able to understand and help me when I have trouble with something since it is my first year teaching. I feel like I am carrying on a family tradition,” she said. “There is nothing cooler than teaching in the school your mom created and that you attended. It has been my dream since I was in kindergarten to come back to where it all started and be just like my mom.”

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Spurrier has seen a lot of change take place as NHA has experienced exponential growth over the years. While there has been change, she respects NHA. “I’ve had the opportunity to watch students grow up and witness them becoming productive members of society. The education provided at NHA played a vital role in that,” she said.

Queen’s Grant is home for special memories in Spurrier’s family. “It’s a tight-knit school community, and my daughters grew up there,” said Spurrier. “NHA is building a legacy in the communities where their schools are located."