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Employee Spotlight: Talent Acquisition Consultant

NHA Communications Team  |  September 10, 2021
This is a spotlight on one of NHA’s employees who is featured on The Teachers’ Lounge.
Meet Lyndsay Olsen, talent acquisition consultant at National Heritage Academies (NHA). She’s been with the organization for just over three years, first serving at Ridge Park Charter Academy for a year as a registrar.
In her role, Olsen loves helping people find a place they’re passionate about because people spend most of their lives working. She also loves the customer service aspect of recruiting.
She knew early on that she had a passion for child development and giving kids the chance to thrive, so she batted around the idea of being a teacher. However, when she was graduating college, she still wasn’t entirely sure which direction she wanted to go in.
She had a friend who was a recruiter that said she had a good personality for it, so she actually worked for a recruiting company for a year right out of college. Soon after, she became a registrar at Ridge Park, which again sparked her interest in education. But then all the cards fell into place, and she joined the Talent team at NHA. This is a place she feels passionately about because of the values and the opportunity to give parents the choice of where they feel education fits best for them.
With her background and knowledge in the recruiting world, and her passion for the education field, she wanted to be on The Teachers’ Lounge to give insight and advice on what to expect in the interview process to becoming an educator.
“I know how connected the teaching world is and how much other teachers lean on each other!” said Olsen. “It’s so cool to have a place where teachers can share their insights on their profession.”
Her content on The Teachers’ Lounge is really aimed at people who are interested in being educators at NHA, including education students, teachers at other schools, or anyone with a bachelor’s degree who is interested in being a teacher at NHA by going through alternative certification, which is when people can become certified teachers while they work.
“The benefit of sharing this information was to share the support our team gives candidates on a wider scale,” said Olsen. “The content for The Teachers’ Lounge was more focused toward new grads on what to expect the entire interview process to look like. We all can remember coming out of school into the professional workforce for the first time. It’s nerve wracking! Having someone with the profession help give insight and advice on what this is going to look like was the goal.”

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Keep up the excellent work, Lyndsay!

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