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6 Fun Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Amber Brandt  |  April 21, 2019
The best way to celebrate Earth Day with your kids is to get outside! Water your plants, take a hike, plant a tree or walk to a local park and play. Be sure to bring along a trash bag so you can pick up litter along the way, and share with your kids why it’s important to take care of the community and planet. Do your kids like to bird watch or play with sticks? Be sure to make time to be mindful of the bits of nature that most fill your child with wonder.
Want to dig a little deeper with your kids? Here are a few more ways you can observe and celebrate Earth Day together:
Repurpose together. Do you have anything laying around the house that’s headed to the dumpster or recycle bin? Why not talk to your kids about how you can create something fun from it? Maybe you have old crafting supplies, picture frames or even hardware that could use a fun second life?
Plant something. Everyone enjoys pretty flowers outside their window, but why not do a little research about which butterflies that are native to your area and what they’re most attracted to? You can also talk to your kids about the importance of protecting the world’s bee population and do some practical planting of things they really love.
Enjoy the dark. We often think about the beauty of nature we see around all day, but what about staying up to enjoy our great world at night? Bundle up under blankets to stargaze together. Talking about constellations, the moon, or watching for shooting stars can be fun and enlightening for the whole family.
Compost. Have you been meaning to start a counter top compost bin? Here is a great site for how you can get started, even if you live in a very small space.
Drive less. Cars are one of the biggest carbon footprint culprits we have. For a day (Week? Month?) could your family work to find other means of transportation? Walking, bikes, carpooling and public transit are all great ways to lessen your impact — and it could be a very tangible way to do something good for the environment together.
Light a candle. For dinner one night, turn off all overheads and eat by candlelight. It will feel fun and special, but it’ll also give you a great opportunity to talk about the importance of turning off lights and appliances when they’re not in use.