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4 Ways to Teach Your Child Integrity

Tiffany Dunagan  |  May 08, 2019
Integrity is making the right choice even when it’s hard. It’s a virtue we can grow over time with daily practice, so it’s advantageous to start practicing at a young age. Though it may seem like a heavy topic, kids can wrap their minds around it if you walk them through how to show integrity.
Here are four ways to help your kids understand integrity and learn about making the right choices:
  1. Define integrity. This is the first step to living it. What does integrity mean to you? Give your kids an example from your own life that can help them understand.
  1. Identify the problem. Help your child identify when to show integrity by giving them concrete examples.
  1. Recognize how to show honesty and responsibility. Help your kids come up with solutions to the problem, letting them know that there’s always more than one solution to a problem. Help your child identify the different choices they could make. Then talk through the different choices to decide which choice shows honesty and responsibility.
  1. Trust your gut. Teach your child that if a decision doesn’t feel good, it might not be the right one. Ask what their gut is telling them to do and how their decision makes them feel.