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PRESS RELEASE We Were Like Astronauts!

South Canton Scholars


“We Were Like Astronauts!”
Engineering Club at South Canton Scholars Sparks Student Interest in Science
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CANTON, Mich., Monday, Oct. 14, 2013—“We were like Astronauts!” shouted second-grade student Jeeya Patel after attending the first night of South Canton Scholars Charter Academy’s new engineering club.  
The club provides a hands-on approach to teaching science, technology, engineering, and math also known as STEM skills. The afterschool program is offered to students ages 7 through 11 who are interested in how things work.  
“Students are natural engineers,” said club advisor and dean Fletcher Morgan. “The students will benefit from the class by learning math and science concepts in a different way, reinforcing what they are learning in the classroom.” 
For the next six weeks, students will design, create, test, and refine a variety of experiments in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering including: straw rockets, parachutes, air-powered rockets, zip sails, dragsters, and rollercoasters.  
“Engineering for kids helps reinforce STEM skills by focusing on how using science, technology, engineering, and math will assist in solving real-world engineering problems,” Morgan said. “We present the information in such a way, that students enjoy learning and applying each concept with hands-on experiments.” 
One of the upcoming projects involves constructing a shock absorbing system to protect two marshmallow astronauts in a lunar vehicle. Something that Patel is really excited to learn. But first she had to get the astronauts to space by building a rocket. 
“It was fun!” she said. “We made rockets and wore goggles and shot the rockets into the air! Then we counted how far they went.”
Twenty students have signed up for the class which is run by two teachers so the student/teacher ratio is very low.  The class is held on Thursday night until December 5. Then a second session will begin December 12.

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