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Why Choose PrepNet Virtual Academy

At PrepNet Virtual Academy, we're committed to providing the best online school experience available. We recognize each student's individual strengths and challenges and craft our curriculum to meet those needs, provide ongoing support, and offer a path to success for each and every student.

Virtual school doesn't have to mean isolation or a total lack of structure. At PrepNet Virtual Academy your student will experience a safe, connected, and creative online learning environment. With our unique model, they'll be accountable to do their very best while remaining connected to a supportive and caring community.

Some virtual programs are light on accountability and heavy on screen time, while others utilize curriculum created by a third party. But we're different.

PVA was custom developed by us and is taught by our teachers. Our program is:

  • Structured to fuel your child's success. We combine elements of daily live instruction, pre-recorded selections, and independent work with scheduled breaks for the perfect balance of structure and flexibility. Students stay on track, create good habits, and gain independence in a schedule that works for you.
  • Designed for individualized support. Every child is different, so we shape their education to match their needs, abilities, and interests. Students receive one-on-one daily feedback, regular progress reports, and monthly touchpoints with parents and teachers. They can even accelerate their learning by working ahead.

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What PrepNet Virtual Academy Parents Are Saying

"My children receive an excellent online education through PrepNet. I also love they have the ability to dual enroll in high school and college courses, and graduate with an associates degree."

- PrepNet Virtual Academy Parent

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We're different.

Path to Success
We're different.


We are invested in your child's success for the long haul. That's why we provide a college advisory program designed to guide your family through the post-secondary planning process and create plans for college or other post-secondary experiences. We want students to have the knowledge and resources necessary to make informed and successful decisions, and work with each student to make sure they feel confident in their plans for the future.

Strong Community
We're different.

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PrepNet Virtual Academy students are immersed in a positive, supportive, and diverse community of peers and educators. Our student body represents a broad range of abilities, talents, skills, and interests. Even though our school is online, we provide opportunities for students to work together, collaborate, and connect in person.

College Credit
We're different.

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Your child's success with PVA doesn't end at graduation. Our students can earn credit towards a college degree and are required to complete at least two AP courses. In fact, our students can earn both a high school diploma and an associate degree, for free. Graduating from PrepNet Virtual Academy is a great way to give your child a head-start at a successful post-high school future.

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