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Course Support

PrepNet Virtual Academy is dedicated to student achievement across all subjects. Unlike other online schools, we have a significant faculty that's reflective of traditional schools, including access to a school counselor and academic coach, poised to provide course support at a moment's notice. We also offer free tutoring programs and additional online learning materials.

Does your child need some extra help? Please don't hesitate to reach out.

Academic Coaching

We are committed to helping prepare your child for college from day one. To achieve this, students will be assigned an academic coach to keep them on track toward their goals on a daily, weekly, and quarterly basis. Their academic coach will also help accelerate their learning as they demonstrate mastery and provide support to remediate any learning as needed.

In addition to assisting with their individual learning needs, each student's academic coach will provide thorough course support and ongoing guidance by:

  • Creating an educational development plan
  • Obtaining learning resources
  • Creating weekly learning schedules
  • Virtual intervention activities