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Early College Program

We’re proud to offer an Early College Program – a five-year educational plan that allows your student to complete high school in three years and go on to earn an associate degree or certificate – tuition-free.

Why Early Middle College?

In addition to earning up to 60 college credits and an associate degree for free, research proves that high school students who enroll in early middle college programs are more likely to:

  • Graduate high school
  • Report a positive school experience
  • Have expanded career opportunities upon program completion
  • Successfully transition to college
  • Complete their degree
  • Graduate with less student loan debt

What Makes Our Program Different?

While some high schools may offer early middle college programs, oftentimes they are limited to a single professional track or certification. We’ve designed a program which offers multiple pathways for students vs. prematurely limiting their options.

What We Provide

A comprehensive support team

From building a personalized pathway to providing ongoing support well into their fifth year, your child will have experienced guides helping them navigate every step of their Early Middle College experience. This support team will include school counselors and advisors, an academic coach, and faculty members.

Monitoring and communication

The Early Middle College Program also includes academic support to ensure your child is maintaining academic standards. We will also provide regular parent updates.

PVA's Early College Partner

PrepNet Virtual Academy is partnering with both Wayne County Community College District (WCCCD) and Davenport University (DU) for our Early Middle College Program. For more information on program qualifications, please visit our PVA Counselor Corner website.

Get Started

If you think the Early Middle College Program may be right for your student, contact us for more information.