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College Counseling

Our College Counseling program is designed to guide students and parents through the post-secondary planning process and to create plans for college or other post-secondary experiences. We want students to have the knowledge and resources necessary to make informed and successful post-secondary decisions. We work with each student in group meetings, and also meet one-on-one with juniors and seniors for individualized planning.

Scheduling and Curriculum

Our rigorous, college preparatory curriculum aims at college readiness for all graduates. Students must fulfill the graduation criteria which is in alignment with the minimum admission standards set by the University of North Carolina system. In addition, students must fulfill at least 30 hours of community service each school year before graduation (120 hours total). Course registration occurs school-wide each academic year. Our staff is available to meet with students one-on-one to plan out academic courses and to discuss school curriculum.
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On-site College Visits

Our College Counseling team hosts college and university representatives each year. Juniors and seniors are encouraged to attend the representatives’ presentations to learn more about the individual schools and to gain insight into the educational programs available. Students should register to attend these visits no later than the Friday prior to the scheduled visit. Sign up forms are located in the College Counseling team’s office.
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Campus Visits

A critical step in finding the right college or university is to visit the campus and see it up close. Juniors and seniors at Phoenix Academy are given two excused absences each academic year to visit colleges or universities of their choice. In order to receive the excused absence, students must complete the Campus Visit Form and turn it in two weeks prior to their scheduled visit. 
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