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Culture Day Offers a Moment to Shine for Brooklyn Excelsior

New York City is known for the many cultures of people who make up its population, and for Brooklyn Excelsior Charter School, it’s a point to be celebrated.
The school promoted a Culture Day to celebrate the many vibrant backgrounds of students and staff and held a variety of learning opportunities and experiences on Nov. 21.

Before the event, students were encouraged to ask parents and relatives about their family heritage and receive help with creating a display representing their history. Students of different grades did this by creating a family tree, complete with pictures and names of family members and how they related to the student. Another option was to create a world map to show where different family members live throughout the world.

Older students created informative tri-fold displays about countries important to their families. Some of the countries included Ireland, Australia, Japan, China, Jamaica, Italy, Brazil, France, and many others. The displays included interesting facts about culture, food, clothing, nature, and holidays. Students were given passports with each country represented and placed a checkmark on each when they had read all the information on the displays.

Scholars were also encouraged to dress in clothing representative of their families’ heritage.

Great work encouraging learning about different cultures, BECS!
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