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Andrew J. Brown Eighth-Graders Learn Women’s Rights

Andrew J. Brown eighth-grade students concluded their last unit in eighth-grade history with a visit from local museum, Conner Prairie Interactive History Park.

Students discussed women's beliefs during the Civil War, and were able to interact with two "characters" who discussed women's roles during the 1860's.

Students learned about women's suffrage and were able to interact with characters from 1863 where they could gain an understanding about women's feelings at that time. They also discussed racial issues during the Civil War.

“Engaging them in these conversations allows a level of process in a safe environment,” said Vionta Jones, registrar at Andrew J. Brown Academy. “Social studies allow students to engage in history, relate it to modern times, and form academically-based opinions using facts and research.”

Students also discussed marginalized groups, and how students can best help with other rights not just for women, but for all people.

“I think the biggest takeaway was the comparison to modern movements,” said Jones. “Students were able to understand how people can have contradicting opinions, as well as how some of the conversations that were happening in the 1860's are still happening today.”

Students were asked to reflect and share a quote that inspired them when it comes to respect, in which one student wrote, “My favorite quote about how we should behave in our American society is ‘Every great dream begins with a dreamer.’”