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Waiting List FAQ

How does the waiting list work?

Movement on the waiting list is very common. If you are sincerely interested in having your child attend the school, remain on the waiting list. Openings can occur at any time, even after school begins. You will be notified when a seat becomes available and will be given a time frame in which you can accept this spot. If you choose not to accept the seat, your child will be given a not attending status and you would need to reapply if you become interested later.

Why did I move down on the waiting list?

Based on our charter agreement, our school offers certain preferences. If a student on the waiting list has no preference and a student applies later who is eligible for an offered preference, the newly applied student may bump the original student down on the waiting list. 

What if my contact information changes?

It is your responsibility to notify the school if your address, phone, or email changes. If we are unable to contact you using the information you provided, we may remove your child’s name from the school’s waiting list. 

What if I am no longer interested in your school?

Please tell the school immediately if you want your child’s name removed from the waiting list. You may also use the link provided in monthly emails to let us know you are no longer interested in remaining on the waiting list. 

How can I check my child’s position on the waiting list?

You will receive a monthly email regarding your child’s waiting list position. From the link in the email, you may also update your interest in remaining on the list or request to be removed from it. We recommend bookmarking this link to easily access it at any time.