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Summer Jobs & Volunteerism for Kids

Amber Brandt  |  May 02, 2022
Summer is a great time for your child to develop new skills that go beyond the classroom – no matter their age. Serving as a volunteer or beginning a part-time job are excellent ways to develop these skills.
When your child works or serves outside the home, they learn to exercise different muscles of empathy, direction-following, communication, and responsibility. (As a bonus, extra-curricular activities like volunteer work are perfect for your high schooler’s college portfolio.)
To help you and your child find the right fit, we’ve pulled together a variety of links you can explore together. You’ll discover volunteer service opportunities in your local community followed by practical tips for landing and keeping the perfect summer job.
Habitat for Humanity welcomes students of all ages to help build houses for local families in need. Their youth programs offer opportunities for children ages 5-8, 9-13, and 14 and up.
Volunteer Match calls itself the web’s largest volunteer engagement network. Use their search tool to discover new, upcoming, and popular volunteer programs near your location. Get granular by narrowing your search with the “more filters” option to find opportunities for kids or teens. You can also search by interest, such as education, homelessness, or hunger.
Humane Society
If your child loves animals, volunteering with your local Humane Society may be the perfect fit. Elementary students may be interested in the website’s free lessons too. We’ve linked to one called “From Nose to Tail: Lessons to Inspire Care and Compassion for Dogs,” which promotes empathy and animal advocacy.  
Part of the Points of Light organization, GenerationON serves more than 250 cities across 37 countries. Their website includes sections for kids, teens, and parents, including community service clubs, project ideas, family volunteering ideas and inspiring service stories.  
Kids That Do Good
This website allows you to search volunteering opportunities near you based on specific interests, cause-affinities, and age.
United Way
There are nearly 1,800 United Way offices around the world, and you can search their website to find the one nearest you. United Way partners with a variety of services organizations and nonprofits in each community to uncover and meet unique, local needs.
Is your child ready to make some money this Summer? Check out these articles for a list of job ideas they may be interested in, or these practical tips for getting one. And if they’re not sure why a summer job may be beneficial, here’s an article that spells out five valuable life skills they’ll learn by working.