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Give the Gift Your Child’s Teacher Really Wants

Amber Brandt  |  April 25, 2022
We all know teachers play an important and valuable role in our students’ lives. When you add on the unique challenges they’ve had to face over the past few years, this year’s Teacher Appreciation Week is an especially important time to say, ‘thank you for all you do.’
In the United States, Teacher Appreciation Week happens the first week of May and was designed to give them the extra credit they deserve. It’s customary for students and families to give their teachers gifts and notes of appreciation.
Some of the most given presents include coffee mugs, tote bags, candles, or monogrammed water bottles, but this year we thought it might be nice to ask them what type of gifts they really want. It should come as no surprise their #1 request was something “from the student.”
Here are a few of the ideas they turned in:
  • Something handmade. Handwritten notes from students or parents with specific words of appreciation go straight to a teacher’s heart. Also, any student-made artwork or crafts expressing what the student loves about their teacher are sure to be loved. (Teachers often display these treasures in their classroom for years.)
  • Something tasty. You can’t go wrong with a delicious treat. Give your teacher their favorite candy or treat. (Maybe they prefer something salty!) You could even include clever note about how they always sweeten your child’s day.
  • Something for off-hours. Gift cards to local restaurants, coffee shops, or the movie theater are a great idea because they never go out of style or season, and always come in handy.
  • Something practical. Purchase anything from your teacher’s classroom wish list (if they have one). As we near the end of the school year, supplies are often wearing out or running low and your contribution takes a weight off their shoulders.
Whether you purchase a gift or make something at home, the most important thing is to take a minute and communicate gratitude for all your child’s teacher does. We all like to be recognized for our contributions, and even a small thank you goes a long way! Let’s give our teachers a boost to finish the year strong.