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Experiential Gifts

Amber Brandt  |  December 06, 2021

As Christmas nears, you may feel overwhelmed at the thought of having more toys in your home, or simply out of ideas for what gifts to even buy for your kids!

It’s important to remember that gifts can be more than a pile of toys. With a little out-of-the-toy-box thinking you can score some unique experiential gifts for kids.

Presents centered around an interesting experience can add variety and longevity to the gift-giving experience, and even create onramps for deeper connection and new memories with the kids in your life.

Here are 40 fun ideas for holiday experiential gifts to get you started:

1.    Museum/aquarium/zoo memberships or day passes

2.    Subscription boxes like: KiwiCo, Raddish Kids, Little Passports, Girls Can!

3.    Movie theater gift cards

4.    Ski or lift tickets

5.    Petting zoo or fam passes

6.    Tickets to a live event – the symphony, a play, a sporting event, a touring show

7.    Tickets to a virtual or streaming event

8.    Dance or gymnastics classes

9.    Pottery or sculpture class or this fun at-home kit

10.  Climbing gym membership

11.  Tree, rope or indoor rock-climbing experience

12.  Sports camps

13.  Indoor mini golf, go karts or batting cages

14.  Hotel or waterpark stay

15.  National Parks pass

16.  Plane or train ticket to visit a loved one

17.  Dance classes

18.  An escape room

19.  A book bundle or magazine subscription

20.  Camping gear for a family trip away

21.  Enrollment in Elf Prep Academy, Santa’s exclusive school to train new elves

22.  Kid-friendly cooking set for home

23.  Streaming services – like Disney+

24.  Virtual experiential gift like online cooking classes

25.  A musical instrument and lessons

26.  A kid-safe camera, like Kidamento

27.  Gift a gift to a charity – but let you child decide which one

28.  Craft and art supplies

29.  Board games

30.  Trampoline park admission

31.  A pet

32.  Library card

33.  A family heirloom

34.  Lessons for something they’re interested in: soccer, horseback riding, swim, piano, magic, etc.

35.  A volunteer experience as a family

36.  Bowling outing

37.  Ice skating

38.  A hot air balloon ride

39.  Manicure or pedicure

40.  Audible or Kindle gift card