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Earth Day STEM Activities

Amber Brandt  |  April 17, 2023
Now that Spring is here, many people are looking for a good excuse to get outside, and when you can incorporate some fun STEM activities with your kids – even better!
This weekend is the perfect opportunity because National Earth Day is happening Saturday.
Earth Day was established in 1970 to raise awareness and provide education around environmental issues, and to rally people to protect against things like pollution and deforestation. Earth Day reminds us that even the smallest acts – like picking up trash or planting a seedling – can have an important impact on our planet… and that’s something worth celebrating.

As you’ll see below, we’ve created a fun list of ideas to help you and your child explore Science, Technology, Engineering and Math together in your little corner of our amazing planet…and hopefully do some real good this Earth Day in the process.
  1. Think about what you can repurpose. Every day we use products that can be reimagined for another purpose, with just a little bit of creativity. Plastic bottles, cardboard tubes and even scrap paper can become craft supplies instead of heading to a landfill. Click here for 10 fun crafts you can make out of “trash.”
  2. Plant a tree. Did you know researchers estimate roughly 15 billion trees are cut down each year? Not only do trees release precious oxygen, but they also provide shelter and food for small animals and birds. Here are some easy directions to plant a seedling as a family.
  3. Get creative. While every STEM project helps you explore new ideas, these fun art projects won’t even feel like learning!
  4. Experiment. While the possibilities for creating science projects from things around your house are endless, try these 5 simple ones you can complete with a plastic bag.
Looking for even more ideas? Check out these 15 extra activities with ideas for every age.


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