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Celebrating National Charter Schools Week

Amber Brandt  |  May 15, 2019

It’s National Charter Schools Week and we’re celebrating what makes National Heritage Academies (NHA) so great. Whether you’re new to NHA schools or have children who’ve attended for several years, you may not realize some of the ways they approach education and provide opportunities to their students.

Charter schools are independently operated, tuition-free public schools. They open doors to rethink what education can look like and give families a choice when it comes to education — providing a private school experience without the cost. Authorizers, boards, and parents hold charter schools accountable to a higher standard than typical public schools. Plus, charter schools give parents an opportunity to be involved and heard.

Every NHA school adheres to a consistent curriculum that includes proprietary Moral Focus objectives and provides an appropriate challenge to the students they serve. But each school gets to reflect their individualized “flair” too — reflecting the unique communities they represent and the cross section of their student body. NHA provides excellence in education, with space to create individualized instruction on a student-by-student basis.

Did you know that all new principals receive specialized training, from learning NHA’s organizational expectations to practical ways they can incorporate Moral Focus virtues on a daily basis? They’re also expected to ensure their staff feel empowered, equipped, and supported. NHA has some of the best and brightest leading their schools — people who are passionate about education and have deep and sincere love for their students.

All told, definitely cause for celebration.