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Have Fun with Gingerbread this Season

Amber Brandt  |  December 05, 2016

Not many confections symbolize the holidays quite the gingerbread house. First created in Germany during the 16th century, the elaborately decorated cookie-like houses quickly became associated with Christmas traditions and gained broad popularity after the story of Hansel and Gretel was published. Gingerbread arrived on American soil with English colonists, and three recipes were for the spicy cookie were included in the first American cookbook.

Here are some fun facts about Gingerbread:

  • Each year in Norway, the town of Bergen creates an entire city made of gingerbread houses.
  • Queen Elizabeth I is believed to be responsible for the first gingerbread man. Legend has it she made the cookie to resemble some visiting dignitaries and then gave them the cookie as a gift.
  • Because of ginger’s health properties, a doctor once wrote a prescription for the Swedish King Hans to eat gingerbread as a cure for depression.
  • Nuremburg, Germany is called “Gingerbread Capital of the World.”

Is your mouth watering yet? Here are some fun gingerbread ideas you can incorporate this holiday season:

  1. Get creative with these 23 fabulous ideas.
  2. Collaborate with the kids on this easy to make recipe.
  3. Order The Gingerbread Man book for an evening family read.
  4. Real gingerbread not your thing? Try these simple ideas for houses made with graham crackers instead.
  5. Check out this story on the world’s largest gingerbread house!
  6. Take the guesswork out of building from scratch and order a gingerbread house kit online.
  7. Decorate your gingerbread with this royal icing recipe.
  8. Ten great ideas to simplify gingerbread decorating for your kids.
  9. Ready for a true challenge? Try this “How To” and achieve expert gingerbread status in no time.
  10. For a brief history and some true architectural wonders, watch this 4-minute video about the origins and awe of gingerbread.