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Winter Break Learning Ideas

Amber Brandt  |  December 17, 2018

Just because kids head home for winter break, doesn’t mean learning has to take a back burner. And while there’s less risk of learning loss now than during the summer months, kids could easily spend hours glued to a device if parents don’t have a plan in place. But why not have a little fun and make some memories while you’re all together?

  • Get outside. If you live in a snowy region, why not pull out the sleds and head to a neighborhood hill, or spend an hour building a snowman or fort in the snow? No matter your weather, a family hike will not only help you burn up some of that pent up energy, but you could also forage for natural items you can use to decorate your holiday table.
  • Draw. There’s just something about good old pencils and paper. Pull out crayons, markers or activity books. No one is too old to color!
  • Read together. Is there a classic chapter book you loved as a kid? Why not read a chapter together each night your kids are home? Make a day trip to the library to pick out a book everyone can enjoy.
  • Podcasts. Have you ever heard of Sparkle Stories? These creative and sweet stories help teach values and shape homes into “slower, kinder and gentler” places. To access the entire library you must have a membership, but there are loads of free episodes available for your listening pleasure.
  • Cook together. Food is a great way to connect — and it can be a natural learning opportunity for your kids. Find age appropriate tasks they can help with — measuring flour, carefully slicing veggies, or simply dumping ingredients into a bowl. Kids love to have these kinds of “jobs,” and it may make them more inclined to eat something new.
  • Find something free to do. Does your local museum have a special exhibit on display with blocks of time that are free to the public? Do a little research to find some fun learning excursions right in your community.
  • Give. One of the best ways to nurture time with your children is to serve together. Find somewhere you can donate time together in your community, or simply bring cookies or cards you made to a neighbor. What’s better than practicing kindness?