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Great TV Shows for Your Kids

Amber Brandt  |  October 05, 2022
Do you ever feel burned out on children’s programming? It can be hard to find shows you both agree on, let alone whole series’ that consistently communicate a positive message.
While you can depend on educational programming to help your child develop good socialization and learning skills, it’s great when you can find shows that also help them learn empathy, good morals, and become more aware of other cultures and the world around them. Check out this short list of options recommended by age:
Ages 3+
Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood
Celebrating its tenth anniversary this fall, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood uses simple but sweet songs to remind Daniel and his friends how to be on their best behavior, even when things are difficult.
Bluey follows the adventures of a Blue Heeler pup and her family. It’s well-loved because of the close familial relationship, and humor they infuse into everyday life.
Tumble Leaf
Explore a whimsical land where a little blue fox named Fig creatively tackles ideas of friendship, love, and any other circumstances kids may encounter in the real world.
Ages 5+
Junior Bake Off
This British television baking competition is sure to delight your whole family featuring young bakers aged 9-15. In every episode they tackle a series of baking challenges sure to make you giggle, tear up, and cheer from the couch.
Rock the Park
Experience the wonder and majesty of our National Parks with hilarious hosts, Jack and Colton. Get inspired to plan a family excursion across the country or in your own backyard.
Beautifully filmed and narrated, these wildlife documentaries give your family a visually stunning journey into the wild.
Ages 8+
The Owl House
Join teenager Luz as she stumbles through a portal into magical adventures with her new friends, using humor to diffuse sticky situations.
The Dragon Prince
A surprising discovery inspires two princes and an elf to team up for a quest to end war between their people. It highlights the importance of accepting people for their actions, not what they look like.
Eleven-year-old genius Anne invented and built her own impressive androids. Together with her friends, she solves scientific problems through real-life solutions.
Ages 10+
High School Musical: The Series
In a clever twist on the High School Musical franchise, this series features a new brood of students. The third season was released this summer and took the cast to summer camp to put on a performance of Frozen.
Craig of the Creek
This show follows Craig and his friends as they go on adventures within a world of untamed wilderness. It’s wholesome, encouraging, and shockingly complex.
Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street
A refreshing family show centered on a life that’s anything but normal for Gortimer and his two best friends, Ranger, and Mel. As they navigate their ordinary suburb, they quickly learn something magical lies beneath the surface.