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Fun Indoor Family Activities

Amber Brandt  |  October 22, 2019
Now that we’ve all had some time to adjust to the new routine of the school year (and the weather is starting to cool), you may be looking for some fun ways to spend time indoors as a family. Breeze through the list and make a shopping list for any items you may need. There’s no reason not to try something fun this weekend while you still have plenty of time to prepare!
  • Pajama party. Put on your favorite pajamas and pile into the living room. Pillows, cushions, or a blanket fort make the perfect backdrop for movies and snacks – whether you decide to camp out together for the whole night or not. Remove all the guesswork by ordering a pizza to be delivered, too!
  • Charades. This game is easy to create with scrap paper, a pen, and a little creativity. If it’s easiest to help your family get on the same page, choose a theme and have each member submit written ideas accordingly. Sample themes most everyone could guess include Disney characters, people you know, occupations, sports categories, or songs of a similar genre.
  • Paint and crafts. A quick Google search produces tons of seasonal DIY craft ideas you can make with items you probably already have around the house. Or choose something you want to make with your kids for the upcoming holiday season and schedule in time to grab the supplies.
  • Bake together. Everyone loves dessert or a nice loaf of fresh bread. While it may take a little longer to mix your ingredients, including your kids in the process of baking introduces them to valuable skills and creates life-long memories. Even toddlers like to help!
  • Indoor scavenger hunt. A quick dollar store trip can help you pull together a few little items to hide around the house. You could do a fun fall or Halloween theme. Let kids investigate the space, or write clues for an added challenge. (Maybe the grand prize is a trip for ice cream?)
  • Learn a new skill together. If you know how to knit or crochet, you could teach your child – but if you don’t already know how, maybe you could learn together! If nothing else, they’d love to learn how to make a friendship bracelet. (We hear they’re making a comeback.)
  • Read a chapter book together. There are few things as relaxing as reading a good book. But what about setting aside time throughout the week to read a chapter book or series together? The “Little House on the Prairie” books are well loved and appropriate for most ages.
  • Play LEGO. These little blocks aren’t just for kiddos. Take on a fun, full-scale LEGO project together, or just spend time tinkering and chatting. Kids love when their parents take an active interest in their ‘thing.’
  • Balloon keep-away. Most of us have an opened package of balloons laying around the house. Blow up a few balloons and spend time taping them around the living room together. You’ll be reduced to giggles before you know it.