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Celebrate Book Lovers' Day in Style

Amber Brandt  |  August 09, 2016

Did you know August 9th is National Book Lovers’ Day? (As if we needed another reason to celebrate our love of books!) Here are some fun ways you can celebrate a day between the pages with your kids or loved ones!

1.    Make a connection. Thanks to Facebook and Twitter, contacting your favorite living author is easier than ever. Why not send them a heartfelt note to tell them what a difference their work has made in your life?

2.    Buy a new book. If you’re like most Americans, chances are you buy books pretty regularly, but they’re all on your phone, e-reader or tablet. Why not spend some time browsing an old book shop, sitting in a cozy chair and losing track of time? Plus, the owner will greatly appreciate you decided to shop local.

3.    Re-read one of your favorites. You know that one friend you can always pick right back up with, no matter how much time has gone by? Some of our favorite books from the past can feel exactly the same way. Re-read a book you love and say “hello, again” to a good friend.

4.    Animate a scene with your kids. Make your child’s favorite book come alive with shaved ice to create Maple Syrup Snow Candy from the Little House on the Prairie Series or this free printable for Eric Carle’s The Grouchy Ladybug. Need more ideas? Click here for more than 100 crafts inspired by children’s books!

5.    Visit the library. It goes without saying that your community library is one of it’s best resources. Check times for special story readings or activities, then pop in and show your support. Or consider visiting another location you haven’t been to before.

6.    Branch out. Do you typically read books while you’re trying to fall asleep and always end up with it laying on your chest? Try listening to an audio book on a long drive instead. Or move your couch/coffee reading session out to the hammock for a change of scenery. There are also great audio programs for children like Sparkle Stories, which boasts over 900 original audio stories just for kids!

7.    Read something new. Do you find yourself caught in a cycle of reading the same things all the time? It makes perfect sense, because we gravitate to what we like… But maybe it could be a nice change of pace to put aside this month’s bestselling crime novel for a self-help book about building relationships or a travel book to an exciting destination.

8.    Make space. One of the reasons we don’t read is because we simply don’t make it a priority. Pick a time, put it on the calendar and even set a special alarm if it helps you to stick to your plan. Even just 20 minutes reading a book you love will offer healthy stress reduction, and exercise your imagination.