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Colorado Students Honored America’s Veterans During Special Veterans Day Assembly

NHA Communications Team  |  November 11, 2019
Nov. 11, 2019
Jessica Meldrum
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Landmark Academy at Reunion Students Honor Veterans During Veterans Day Assembly

DENVER, Colo., Nov. 11, 2019 — To honor Colorado veterans and in recognition of Veterans Day, students and staff at Landmark Academy at Reunion showed their appreciation for those who served our country by hosting a special honorary assembly.
Students welcomed military members who are currently serving or who have served in the past to the school to show their respect and give thanks. Peg Kastberg, principal at Landmark Academy, addressed the students in the school-wide assembly and explained the importance of the day.
Leading up to Veterans Day, students from the school’s National Junior Honors Society collected photos of military members from the school to create a “Wall of Honor” to celebrate these individuals and show recognition for their willingness to serve.
“This assembly is to thank the many veterans who vowed to protect and bring freedom to our country,” said one Landmark Academy student. “This benefits our community and school because it shows how thankful we are for our veterans. It also inspired students to help our community more often and want to make a difference.”
Students demonstrated their appreciation to the veterans by reading poems and speeches and broke down the Pledge of Allegiance to explain the meaning behind it. To show their respect and gratitude to those who risked their lives protecting our country, students wore red, white, and blue clothing.
A theme throughout the assembly focused on the school’s Moral Focus virtue of the month; gratitude, which teaches students to appreciate the kindness and generosity of others. Every month Landmark features a different Moral Focus virtue which aims to develop the whole student, heart and character included.
Veterans Day, celebrated annually on Nov. 11, provides a dedicated day for Americans to honor the brave individuals who our serve country.
See photos from the assembly.
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