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What is a Director of School Quality?

NHA Communications Team  |  January 22, 2020
Just like a linchpin acts as a fastener to keep a wheel in position, a director of school quality (DSQ) acts as the linchpin for principals within the network of National Heritage Academies (NHA) schools. They are the behind-the-scenes individuals who ensure operations run smoothly and that school leaders receive the support they need.

To fully appreciate the value of a DSQ and what they do, let’s learn more about their role.

As described by Forbes Magazine, an effective leader is someone who “…serves the crucial role of ensuring that employees are motivated, engaged, and properly equipped to perform at their best.”

Similar to a superintendent, the role of a DSQ is to supervise the principals and school leaders within the region of schools they oversee, which typically includes between three and nine schools. A DSQ is there to act as a mentor, coach, and champion for their school leaders.

They provide continual leadership coaching to those leaders and are responsible for the development of these individuals in all aspects of school leadership. The touch point in communications between all stakeholders, they help maintain the relationships between the schools and NHA.

A major piece of their job also is to understand the practices of teaching and instruction that are effective for student success. Many of NHA’s DSQs come into their role with prior teaching and school leadership experience, which allows them to effectively recognize strong practices and ensure great teaching and leadership is happening within their portfolio of schools.

“The DSQ role is designed to leverage the abilities of a single person beyond just one school and into a network of schools,” said Jim DeKorne, senior director of school quality at NHA.

Now that you know more about DSQs and what their role entails, it’s time to get to know the individuals who comprise this hardworking team. During the coming months, we will utilize this series to highlight each of our DSQs. You’ll get the chance to learn about their passions, their journey to their current role, and why they choose NHA. Stay tuned!