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NHA Schools Honor Educators for Teacher Appreciation Week

NHA Communications Team  |  May 07, 2021

Teachers work hard, that’s no secret, so it comes as no surprise that there’s a whole week dedicated to showing appreciation to teachers each year. This week was Teacher Appreciation Week (TAW), and NHA schools and leaders found inspiring ways to honor and thank teachers for their hard work, resiliency, and dedication.

Cathy Henkenberns, director of school quality shared that she loves TAW because it is a time for us to collectively express our appreciation and gratitude for our teachers.

“Teachers serve with high intentions to do whatever it takes to be their best for their students, to show up every day with care, to engage students in fun learning experiences, and build community with their class and parents,” said Henkenberns. “This work requires a high level of service that takes an enormous amount of energy to do throughout the school year. I am proud of the efforts of our teachers to educate and make a difference in the lives of each and every student. We are blessed at NHA to have so many who are so willing to serve!”

Westfield Charter Academy took TAW as an opportunity to focus on self-care, including a tranquility room, self-care packages, vouchers, smoothies, and food each day.

“Teachers are the real superheroes because they go above and beyond, making the impossible possible each and every day,” said Ira Kleiman, principal at Westfield. “Putting others’ needs in front of your own is the hallmark of a superhero. I am thankful for NHA teachers whose commitment, dedication, and passion give hope to every child they come in contact with and make the world a little brighter for each one of them.”

Johnston Charter Academy teachers were thanked with breakfast, lunch from a local restaurant, and a snack cart with coffee. They were also acknowledged in weekly parent updates and on the school entrance sign.

“Our teachers are not only committed to teaching the heart and the mind, but they are so appreciative and supportive of their colleagues which nurtures a culture for success even in tough times,” said Kerry Chisnall, principal at Johnston. “Their creativity and due diligence to weather the storm as such and still excel with our scholars has been an extraordinary and superhero-like effort!”

Or check out Center Line Preparatory Academy, where teachers were honored each day of the week with special treats, including donuts and hot beverages, nachos, ice cream and floats, lunch, and a special gift. They even had fun taglines attached to the treats, like, “Donut know what we would do without you”, “Nacho average staff”, and “Here’s the scoop: Thanks for keeping us afloat!”

Roz Burt, principal at Center Line, is thankful for NHA teachers and believes she has a “Dream Team”. Burt believes teachers are real heroes because of what they’ve sacrificed this year. Through it all, she believes they’ve remained humble, showing up each day, collaborating and working like a true “Dream Team”. “They are heroes because they are still here surviving and thriving every single day to provide a quality education for our scholars.”

Sabrina Terenzi, principal at Plymouth Scholars Charter Academy, loves celebrating her staff.

“Each year, teachers work tirelessly to ensure their students are given a quality education and a safe place to learn,” said Terenzi. “They build strong relationships and work closely with families. This year, more than ever, they have put all of their energy into their work so that students have a sense of normalcy and can excel in an uncertain world. I am so proud of my staff and am so impressed with their flexibility, perseverance, and overall love for their jobs! They deserve recognition every day!”

Among many events at the school to honor the teachers at Plymouth Scholars, there was a “Wheel of Fun”, where students pick teachers’ names throughout the day and the teachers get to run down to the office to spin the wheel for prizes.

These are only a few ways teachers have been honored this week, but one thing remains the same: Our educators are amazing.

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