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Wisconsin Teacher Licensure

Requirements to renew a license or permit depend on the type of license an educator holds or held and when the educator completed his/her educator prep program. If you have additional questions, please contact your Credentialing Consultant at the Service Center. 

Alternative Teaching Certification

What are the requirements?

According to Wisconsin’s Department of Instruction, in order to get an alternative teaching license an individual will need a minimum of:

  • A Bachelor's degree is required for most Wisconsin teaching licenses.
  • A Master's, Education Specialist, or Doctoral degree is required for most Pupil Services and Administrator licenses.
  • Refer to the specific licensing pathway for exact details by clicking here.

For more information on Alternative Teaching Pathways, check out the most commonly asked questions and a quick video introduction by clicking here.

Where can I apply?

To apply for an alternative certificate, click here.

Wisconsin Teaching Certification

Use the tabs below to locate information regarding Wisconsin's certifications, licenses, and permits:

Department of Education FAQ's - Click Here

Alternative Permits Available - Click Here

Renewing your Certification - Click Here

Cost Related to Certifications - Click Here

Reciprocity - Click Here


To visit the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Website - Click Here