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Young 5s

When a child has a birthday later in the year, some parents choose to send their child to a young 5s class before they enter kindergarten. Many NHA schools offer a young 5s program. The free program is similar to kindergarten, but it moves at a slower pace so students have more time to adapt to the learning expectations.
There is a lot to cover in kindergarten, and not every child is equipped to handle today’s kindergarten during their first year of school. By the end of kindergarten, a child is expected to count to 100, do simple math, and read. A young 5s program helps the younger five-year-old adjust socially and academically before taking on the demands of kindergarten.

What is the benefit of young 5s?

The development of fine motor skills in preparation for kindergarten is an important part of young 5s. Students have many opportunities to use pencils, crayons, and scissors and are instructed and guided as to their proper usage to help develop fine motor skills.
Students enrolled in young 5s can participate in a wide variety of activities designed to help them make the adjustment to the school environment and working in a group. It is important that children learn to function well in the classroom environment. This includes getting along with other children and cooperating with adults other than their own parents. The students learn to take turns and wait without interrupting along with other social skills, such as reasoning and decision making.
Young 5s students will also work on their literacy, language, and mathematical reasoning in preparation for kindergarten.

Our young 5s kindergarten program allows children to develop their fine motor skills in preparation for kindergarten.​​

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