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How will you teach my child to learn math?

It is vital for students to develop strong math skills because they will need them in everyday life. Our teachers will help your child learn math from the ground up, starting with the foundational concepts of addition, subtraction, division, and building all the way to pre-algebra and pre-calculus. We want all students to be prepared for the rigors of high school and post-high school math. Math lessons will become more challenging throughout the year, and students will be exposed to a variety of ways to solve a math problem to discover which method works best for them.
NHA’s strong mathematics curriculum emphasizes communicating, computational and procedural skills, making connections, reasoning and proofing, problem solving, and using representations. Students learn to represent and communicate ideas through graphs, mathematical terms, models, signs, symbols, and writing.

Do you offer math tutoring?

Our teachers will evaluate your child’s math skills to determine if math tutoring is needed during the day. Many of our schools offer a math night for parents and students to attend together to demonstrate a variety of fun math games you can do at home to help your child learn math and expand on their skills.

What online math tutoring is available?

There are a variety of online math tutoring websites available for free or at a cost. Many NHA schools will provide your child with an account to an online resource to incorporate with their math lessons in the classroom. An example of a popular in-school online study program is Study Island. You can learn more about Study Island here.
For middle school students who would like additional help in more advanced math skills such as algebra, calculus, and geometry, there are many online math courses available. Two sites offering courses are Extra Math, a free online math tutor, and, which offers tutorials for a fee.

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