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Michigan Teacher Licensure

As a Michigan teacher, you are required to hold a current teaching certificate for your position. You are encouraged to work towards completing your renewal requirements one to two years prior to your certificate's expiration date to prevent risk in employment. If you have additional questions, please contact your Credentialing Consultant. 

Alternative Teaching Credentials

Applying for an Alternative Teacher Certificate:

Michigan Department of Education offers alternative routes to certification or endorsements. You also have the option to participate in programs for alternative programs.

Programs to Alternative Certification:

Click here to view a list of NHA preferred alternative programs

A list of Michigan approved teacher preparation programs and providers can be found here

Alternative Certificates:

Click here to view information about Interim Teaching Certificate (ITC)

Michigan Teaching Certification

Use the tabs below to locate information regarding Michigan's certifications, licenses, and permits:

Department of Education - Click Here

Alternative Permits Available - Click Here

Renewing your Certification - Click Here

Cost Related to Certifications - Click Here

Reciprocity - Click Here