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Meet Winterfield Principal Desiree Kirton

Desiree Kirton has a passion for education and knows a thing or two about helping people become their very best. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Desiree’s first teaching job was in the school district she grew up in. “Because I attended there, I had such a personal connection that I was in a real position to change the trajectory of those children’s lives. I was able to help provide them a quality education and a better opportunity in life. But that’s also why I resonate with the work of National Heritage Academies (NHA) – the structure and vision we have does the same thing for the children we serve. I’m on the principals’ advisory committee, so I’ve visited NHA schools across nine states. It’s encouraging to know that we all have a consistent vision and are collectively working together to reach those goals.”
Desiree began her journey into education with a Bachelor’s in Child Psychology from Stony Brook University, followed by a Master of Elementary Education and Specialist Diploma in School Administration, both from Queens College. She took her first teaching job in her hometown with the New York Department of Education and served 21 years with roles including third-grade teacher, assistant principal, and principal. She was then introduced to NHA and hasn’t looked back. Her first role with NHA was as a new teacher mentor, she then entered the Principal Prep Academy and soon opened Brooklyn Scholars in 2009. Desiree led Brooklyn Scholars as principal for 10 years — and now heads to Winterfield, Ohio.
Desiree says her strong, personal faith fuels her approach to leadership. “I believe serving this way helps me fulfill my life’s calling to impact the lives of others. It’s really important to me to make connections with people and tap into their strengths. I want to support and empower them to be the very best they can be. I believe in empowering teachers so they can lead the best way possible and empower their students. I hope parents at Winterfield will maximize their children’s education — be involved, stay connected to their child’s teacher and to what is going on at the school. Show your child you are interested in what they’re learning and be a part of what’s happening here at Winterfield. It can change your child’s life.”
In her free time, Principal Desiree can be found going out to eat, enjoying live music, attending a Broadway show, or going to church. She loves to watch cooking and interior design shows.