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South Pointe Scholars Kindergarteners Receive Letter from the White House

Press Release


President Letter_1.jpgYPSILANTI, Mich., April 15, 2015—Kindergarten students at South Pointe Scholars Charter Academy learned just how powerful their voice can be when they wrote a letter to President Obama—and he wrote them back.
With the help of their teacher, Laura Demsky, the students wrote the letter in February just before Presidents’ Day. They had been studying the presidency and decided to thank President Obama for his service.
“We did something similar with letters to veterans and their family members when studying our moral focus virtue of gratitude in November so the students were well versed in expressing their thanks,” said Demsky.
On March 10, a large manila envelope arrived at the school addressed to Ms. Demsky’s class with the return address of The White House.  Inside the envelope, students found a letter from the president thanking them for their letter of gratitude and autographed pictures of the first family.
The students were very excited to see a letter from the White House and expressed disbelief they would receive something from someone so important.
“Wow! The president has a very important job and he wrote a letter to our class!” remarked Benjamin Kucharski.
Classmate Casey Dergis said, “I can’t believe that the actual president signed a letter to us!”
Demsky said she hopes that her kindergartners learned that no matter how young you are your voice can be heard and you can make a difference in someone’s life.
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