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Ice Skating Trip Proves to be Great Incentive for Positive Behavior

The month of December brings the anticipation of the holiday season, which can make it challenging for students to stay focused, so staff at Prevail Charter Academy created an incentive for good behavior: An ice-skating field trip.
 Students ice skating

Scholars who were respectful to other students and teachers, followed directions the first time they were asked, and displayed self-control throughout the month, earned a trip to the outdoor ice-skating rink at Campus Martius Park in downtown Detroit.
“It was very fun planning this positive behavior incentive over the summer,” Prevail Middle School Dean Canise Stewart-Singleton said. “Since this took place during one of our last days of school before break, it was almost like providing a gift for our scholars. They didn’t have to pay a thing. It was rewarding seeing their smiling faces.”
 Students ice skating

Scholars were excited to see the skating rink, find skates that fit their feet, and make their way onto the ice. Many held hands or kept hold of the wall around the rink to steady themselves.
“Some stepped slowly over to the rink and cautiously got onto the ice for the first time,” Stewart-Singleton said. “They enjoyed it and tired themselves out. It was evident as they slept on the bus ride back to Prevail.”
 Students ice skating

Prevail Principal Mark Weigle said it provided a positive incentive for students to look forward to over the month.
“When we talk about doing what is best for kids, providing our scholars with positive opportunities is something we must do to provide a true learning experience,” Weigle said. “We received a ton of positive feedback from scholars, parents and staff, it will be something we do again.”
 Students ice skating and hugging

Set among the tall buildings of Detroit, the rink was surrounded by holiday decorations and lights. Students ate bag lunches while watching others skate.
“When they returned, I saw some of the biggest smiles this year from both scholars and staff,” Weigle said. “It filled my heart!”

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