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Standards-Based Grading

PrepNet Virtual Academy uses standards-based grading for grades 9-12. With standards-based grading, the focus is learning. Students are not graded on an accumulation of points or an average of points from each assignment. Assignments and activities are practice for the skill or knowledge a student is meant to acquire as defined by a standard. A standard is an agreed upon level of skill or knowledge a student demonstrates by the end of a learning period and is measurable.

Standards-Based Grading:

  • Precisely clarifies what an assigned grade means.
  • Defines what students must be able to do.
  • Defines what teachers should be teaching.
With standards-based grading students go through a logical progression from 2.0 to 3.0 to 4.0 as seen in the chart below.

Learn More About Standards-Based Grading

This video answers frequently asked questions about the standards-based grading system. If you have further questions, your child's teacher can help.