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Oakside Prep Academy Completes Build-Out to Open New High School

Oakside Prep Academy is just about one month away from its first day of school. Starting with a freshman class this fall, Oakside Prep will add grades 10 through 12 over the next three years. The school’s location, a former Target store, had plenty of room to expand and build the high school within the current space.
 Oakside Prep addition

The school staff is eagerly anticipating welcoming their first freshman class on August 30. The building is capable of serving 800 potential students, giving the school room for growth and community.
“I'm excited to get started with the school year. We have a great opportunity at Oakside to be a smaller school that offers big opportunities. We have an Early College Program that will allow students to earn college credit and an associate degree for free,” said Kris Holtzclaw, dean of middle school and ninth grade at Oakside Prep Academy. “At Oakside Prep, we will provide personalized interactions and instruction, athletic opportunities, and support for students.”

New Oakside Prep classroom

The completed facility features 32 classrooms including two art rooms, one music room, and two fully equipped science rooms, and one large common area and cafeteria space. Construction for the new gymnasium starts in September.
“I feel that we have something to offer the students that no other school in the area does,” said Holtzclaw. “It’s one of our core values to make our schools the best choice for parents and students. We’re doing that here. I'm excited to get going, and in four years, to watch those kids walk across the stage, and know that their lives were changed by this new high school.”
 Oakside Prep booth

Holtzclaw, Principal Amy Tansel, and staff created a Facebook video for the top 10 reasons why a student should choose Oakside Prep for their high school experience. Natasha Williams, admissions representative, recently hosted an information table at the Oakland County Fair to talk with potential new students, especially freshmen. She will also host an information table at a local mall on the weekends in August with the help of school staff volunteers.
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