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MSU Accafellas Give a Note-worthy Performance at Lansing Charter Academy

NHA Communications Team  |  June 07, 2019

The Michigan State University Accafellas, an award-winning a cappella group, recently gave a memorable performance to the students at Lansing Charter Academy. Throughout the performance, the group provided the students the chance to ask a variety of questions about college, music, and the history of the group.

“The MSU Accafellas were great and our students were so excited,” said Brittany Michaels, dean of lower elementary at Lansing Charter.

The Accafellas are among Michigan State University’s best, award-winning, tenor-bass a cappella groups. One student from the College of Music, Phil Johnson, founded the Accafellas at the university in 1996. The group currently has 12 members, who are all attending MSU and are majoring in subjects ranging from music studies, to civil engineering.

The group performed three performances for Lansing’s kindergarten- through fifth-grade students, each lasting approximately 45 minutes.

A cappella is a specialty type of music that focuses on a group, or an individual, singing without instrumental accompaniment. Musicians use their voice to create different tones and beats.

This performance was music to our ears, Lansing!

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