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Let's Do Some Gardening at Detroit Enterprise

Families in Detroit recently gathered at Detroit Enterprise Academy to get their hands dirty at a special event called “Let’s Do Some Gardening.” It was an event designed to honor Earth Day while engaging current and new families in a fun hands-on activity.

Roslind Higgins, admission representative at Detroit Enterprise, was thrilled to see families come together for this green-thumb extravaganza. She explained, “I brought flowers that were already sprouted, seeds for flowers, and seeds for vegetables like cucumbers, pumpkins, and carrots because I wanted to give the families choices on what they wanted to see grow.”

Detroit Enterprise students gardening.

The kids were especially excited about growing vegetables. “The children really wanted to grow the corn!” Higgins laughed. “They weren’t really interested in the flowers at all. They wanted to grow vegetables and I really liked that because most children don't even like vegetables."

Detroit Enterprise student with her painted pot.

After choosing their seeds, each person received a small paper planter so they could later take their project home. The kids got to decorate their pots with markers and paint, adding their own unique touch to their creations. This hands-on activity not only kept them engaged but also taught them a valuable lesson in patience. Higgins noted, “Children really want something right now. This way they get to see something that may develop and grow.”

Detroit Enterprise students gardening.

Events like this one have helped Detroit Enterprise outperform the local district for the past eight years. Higgins said she received positive feedback from both students and parents. “They had a really good time!”

Detroit Enterprise students with their painted pots.

She’s hoping that if they have success growing their plants, the students will be excited to taste the vegetables they grew.

Great job Roslind on bringing families together to connect with nature!

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