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What is Parental Partnership?

Amber Brandt  |  October 24, 2022
If you’re new to National Heritage Academies, the term “parental partnership” may sound a little daunting. But we assure you, it’s not! At NHA, we believe a student’s education begins at home — and that our schools should strive to build a strong connection between home and school for each scholar. We believe a parent-teacher-child partnership is key to finding greater success and builds confidence in all parties involved.

We want each National Heritage Academies parent to feel they are supported by our school — and recognize the impact they can have on their children’s education by helping to foster a strong parent/teacher relationship. We value your thoughts, questions and concerns, and want to work together as a team to educate your child — and be a resource for you!

Here are a few of the ways we intentionally structure our programming to help foster a parental partnership:
  1. As a parent — please know you are always welcome. Principals and teachers make themselves continually available to discuss any concerns you may have, and they want to help.
  2. Our teachers will provide frequent updates on your child’s academic progress all throughout the year.
  3. As an NHA parent, you’ll receive online access to the school calendar, your child’s attendance record, academic updates, and grades.
  4. Our teachers send home weekly folders; the principal publishes a monthly newsletter.
  5. The school utilizes an automated phone system to inform parents about school events and remind parents of important dates, like parent/teacher conferences, as well as updates via phone, text and email.
  6. You’ll have an opportunity to provide us with direct feedback twice a year through our Voice of the Parent Survey.
Getting Involved

We want you to find a place to get involved and find belonging at NHA! We’ve heard time and time again about the great relationships that are formed when parents volunteer alongside one another, and get to know their child’s classmates. You can:
  • Volunteer during the school day, after school or on field trips.
  • Serve on an important committee for our moral focuses, fundraising or hospitality.
  • Practice a regular commitment to excellence by joining us in support of our school’s standards, help us by monitoring your child’s attendance and homework, read the correspondence we send home, and participate in parent-teacher conferences.
When parents, teachers and students work together, they form a powerful connection between home and school — a partnership that can change a child’s life. Thank you for all that you do — and for being on our team!


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