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Fun LEGO Facts & Budget-friendly Alternatives

Amber Brandt  |  January 24, 2022

2022 marks the 90th year of LEGO – and they’ve never been more beloved by children and adults alike. Due to their clever design, the possibilities of what you can build are as limitless as your creativity!

In honor of International LEGO Day happening on the 28th, here are some surprising facts you may not know about these small, colorful plastic bricks:

  • LEGO is now recognized as the world’s most powerful brand – bigger than Google or Nike.
  • LEGO was created by a Danish carpenter named Godtfred Kirk Christiansen. The brand name comes from combining two Danish words “LEg GOdt” which translates to “play well.”
  • The first animated LEGO movie hit screens in 2014 and grossed more than $450 million.
  • It’s estimated the number of LEGO bricks in the world outnumbers humans 8 to 1.
  • 7 sets of LEGO are sold every second.

But what if LEGO isn’t your thing – or you’re looking for a cheaper alternative? Here are 4 fun, cost-effective options to consider:

People love this brand because they’re the most compatible with LEGO bricks. They’re good quality, and a nice option for military enthusiasts. They also have licensing with other popular franchises like Transformers and Star Trek.

Play Platoon
Comes with a full set of 1,000 bricks and bonus pack of wheels, tires and doors. Guarantees tight fit with LEGO bricks. Lots of color options available.

Laser Pegs
These fun bricks light up as you build. Great option for younger children.

Mega Construx Wonder Builders
Very budget friendly option. 790 pieces that come in a convenient tub.

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