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10 Fall Crafts You’ll Be Proud To Display

Amber Brandt  |  October 17, 2023
Has your family switched into fall mode? One of the best ways to mark the new season and transition your home for fall, is to create fun, festive crafts you can display on the mantel, fridge, or in the window. And when you can make them with things you have on hand, or can easily grab at the dollar store…? Even better. Here are ten adorable craft ideas you can do with your kids (and feel proud to display).

1. Paper plate sunflower
  • Supplies: paper plate, craft stick, green foam paper, yellow and green paint (or colored paper if that’s what you have on hand), sunflower seeds, scissors, glue
2. Handprint acorn craft
  • Supplies: Brown and white washable paint, paintbrush, white paper
3. Mason jar fall luminaries
  • Supplies: Mason or small glass jars, Mod Podge, Fall colored tissue paper ripped into pieces, brown construction paper, paint brush, candle
4. Leaf rubbing activity project
  • Supplies: Leaves, tracing paper, parchment paper, wax paper, aluminum foil, oil pastels, crayons, colored pencils, a clipboard
5. Glow stick broomsticks
  • Supplies: Glow sticks, twine, craft paper, double sided tape, cardstock or construction paper, scissors
6. Pine cone bird feeders
  • Supplies: Pinecones, bird feed, nut butter, twine
7. Styrofoam cup spiders
  • Supplies: Styrofoam cups, black acrylic paint, googly eyes, white craft glue, pipe cleaners, scissors
8. Fall leaf animal inspiration
  • Supplies: Only leaves! This site is not in English, but it’s loaded with design inspiration you can emulate!
9. Autum mobile
  • Supplies: 2-3 twigs, a variety of found nature items, small jingle bells
10. Fox gift box or centerpiece
  • Supplies: Brown paper bag, tape or glue, white computer paper, black marker, white crayon, black construction paper, scissors

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