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The Principal Series Featuring Ron Albino

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The Principal Series featuring Ron Albino of North Dayton School of Discovery

Katie Baker
Posted: 9/29/2015

If there is one trait Principal Ron Albino embodies and portrays to his students at North Dayton School of Discovery, it’s perseverance. Day in and day out Albino teaches students how important it is to persevere no matter what life throws at you. 

Albino’s road to the classroom and eventually the principal’s office was not typical. After serving 21 years in the United States Army, four in infantry and 17 in special forces, Albino retired and moved to Ohio. As a supervisor for a production factory, he began to volunteer at a school in downtown Cincinnati after shifts - from there he was hooked.

"It was ridiculously rewarding for me to work with and help children," said Albino.

Albino brings 12 years of educational experience to his role at North Dayton School of Discovery (NDSD). Prior to NDSD he spent six years as principal of Emerson Academy of Dayton, a NDSD sister school. But his educational journey began as a middle school teacher, where he spent six years helping students reach their full potential. 

"Serving as a middle school teacher really helped me grow as a person and discover my love for educating students," Albino said. "Those six years in the classroom helped shape me to become a successful principal. I am grateful to those students and fellow teachers who helped me in my initial years."

Albino knows that in order to have successful students, parents must be involved in their child’s education. 

"Parental involvement is extremely important, in fact critical, to a student’s success," Albino said. "We only have students for 180 days a year. We need parents to continue working with their children at home to help students reach their academic goals and be college ready." 

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Ensuring students grow and meet their academic goals is an area in which Albino takes great pride. 

"Helping my students motivates me every day," Albino said. "Knowing of course everything I do is for their success and to help the school be the best in the area." 

Albino can usually be found in the halls talking with students, checking in with teachers, and welcoming parents. His mentality is simple, run a quality school that helps every student become the best they can be. 

"I wish for every child to reach their full potential, no matter what it is." 

Albino holds a bachelor’s degree from Liberty University, a master’s degree from Xavier University, and a principal licensure from Hamilton Country Educational Service Center.


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