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The Principal Series Featuring Dr. Christopher Petty

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The Principal Series featuring Dr. Christopher Petty of Alliance Academy of Cincinnati

Katie Baker
Posted: 9/22/2015

Long after leaving the classroom as a student himself and 12 years later as an educator, Dr. Christopher Petty, principal at Alliance Academy of Cincinnati, never forgets the mentors who helped shape him into an educator. 

"I chose education as a profession because of the teachers and principals who took interest in me as a student," said Petty. "These individuals not only armed me with content knowledge, but they also were architects in humanity who built in each of their students healthy self-concept, strong character, purpose-driven goals, and a spirit of compassion. I have never forgotten my teachers and principals, in fact I am still in contact with many of them today." 

As a school leader, Dr. Petty understands the importance of building the whole student. As the years go on, Dr. Petty finds it inspiring to hear from old students about how their time at his school helped shape them. 

"It makes me extremely proud to hear from former students who have gone on to become very successful adults," Petty said. "It is a great source of pride when my former students remain in contact with me, seek advice, or allow me to share in their special life moments." 

Christopher Petty Good Parenting.gif Dr. Petty’s goal for every student is a quality education, but that cannot be accomplished by teachers alone. 

"A successful student needs good parenting from loving parents who value a good education, that is key," Petty said. 

His time in education has allowed Dr. Petty to meet and work with many inspiring individuals who all share the same goal of helping students receive a high quality education. These people inspire Dr. Petty to be a better, stronger leader. 

But when asked about his favorite interactions he replied, "Hearing all the unique, funny things students do, say, and write, during the school day. Many of those moments are priceless." 

Dr. Petty received a bachelor’s degree from Harris-Stowe State University, a master’s degree from the University of Missouri-Saint Louis, and a doctorate from Maryville University.


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